Members of the Community

 “Hugh’s dedication to the community and the kids of Bellevue School district embodies the convictions I share”

I am thrilled to endorse Hugh Gladner for Bellevue School Board.  While serving as US Navy SEAL, I witnessed first-hand those who gave all for the liberties we celebrate. Hugh’s dedication to the community and the kids of Bellevue School district embodies the convictions I share.  Please vote for Hugh Gladner.

Dan Cerillo
Retired Navy SEAL


 “The voice our kids and families need”

As Newport parents who have known Hugh for almost a decade, we were excited to learn he was running for the Bellevue school board.  Hugh is thorough and thoughtful, has a long track record of working with others, and will bring transparency to a school board that finds itself on the wrong side of the law with its own employees and constituency.  He is one of the most successful coaches in junior football history, and the kids love him.  Living in Bellevue and with personal experience with dozens of schools in the BSD, Hugh’s driving goal is service to our children.  He is the voice our kids and families need to speak for us on education issues that matter.

Bill and Sarah Moore
Newport WA


“Sincere, trustworthy, and steadfast”

I confidently recommend Hugh Gladner for a position on the Bellevue School District’s Board of Directors. Hugh excels in the areas student advocacy and community partnerships. In my years of working with Hugh in school-related settings, I have found him to be sincere, trustworthy and steadfast in his support of students.

Hugh’s well-known commitment to accountability will promote an atmosphere of openness in the area of school board operations. If you want to see honest people in school operations, join me in supporting Hugh Gladner for the BSD’s Board of Directors.

Kevin Eiene
Special Education Teacher at Bellevue’s Big Picture School


“A community asset”

My wife Ally and I have always admired Hugh’s selfless commitment to working with youth in our community.  Very few people we have ever met have devoted so much of their time and energy to coaching, mentoring and improving the lives of kids. Hugh is a community asset who has consistently put the interest of others ahead of his own and we wholeheartedly support his candidacy for the School Board.

Scott Svenson
Mod Pizza / co-founder & ceo


“More than a coach”

As parents of three children in the Bellevue School District, we whole heartedly endorse Hugh Gladner for Bellevue School Board.  Hugh’s commitment to kids, and doing what is right is paramount.  Hugh became much more than a coach to our children.   He has helped them think though their college plans, and helped them with life skills they will carry with them forever.   Hugh really does embody the whole child.  As a coach he held “Taking care of business” time with the team, where each kid had to demonstrate they were doing homework and getting good grades… he recognizes and knows how to link education, arts, academics and civic engagement to maximize a childs sense of self-worth.

Dawn Jones
Microsoft Corporation

Don Jones
Hewlett Packard


“Passion for kids”

I have known Hugh for several years both working for and with community organizations that support our kids. In that time I have seen one of the most dedicated volunteers for kids in the greater Bellevue area. He has a passion for kids, the community and the school district.  His approach is always to put the needs of kids first. I believe that Hugh Gladner is the kind of person that would do a great job representing the needs of kids and families on Bellevue’s School Board.

Perry Satterlee
Board Member, Jubilee Reach


“Work collaboratively to solve issues for our students”

My name is Carolyn Stanley and my son attended Bennett Elementary, Highland Middle School, and Interlake.  During his time in school, I was involved in leadership in a variety of roles including, president of the Interlake Music Parents Association, served on PTSA executive teams and board and council.

I am an educator, coach/facilitator and involved in advocacy, including Advocacy Director, and have been ‘boots on the ground’, working with parents and children learning how to thrive after a life changing or traumatic experience.

As an advocate for the safety, health, and well-being of every child, I want someone who supports and believes that every child has the ability and right to find and pursue their dreams and for adults to carefully and thoughtfully help every child find their passion and equip them for lifelong curiosity and love of learning.   I urge you to vote for Hugh Gladner because his life and work experience demonstrate his care for every child as a mentor, coach, and manager to help children and youth find their way.

Hugh takes time to listen to parents and work collaboratively to solve issues for our students and communities.  Hugh understands that each person is uniquely made and has the whole child and healthy community in the forefront of his approach.  He brings a fresh and caring perspective to our community and to the board.

Carolyn Stanley
Educator,  Coach, Advocacy Director