A note about the Washington Policy Center Annual Dinner

I will be attending the Washington Policy Center Annual Dinner on October 13th.  The keynote speaker is Betsy DeVos, the current United States Secretary of Education.  While I do not agree with Secretary DeVos on every issue, I am excited to engage in the conversation.  As always,  I will listen to her viewpoints with an open mind, ask questions and learn how best to serve students and families in Bellevue.   My priority in helping the whole student is to understand different learning resources and environments so that all students with varying learning styles can thrive.
Whether you agree or not with Mrs. DeVos,  I believe if you are in public education at any level, Mrs. DeVos’ position deserves respect.  My opponent has stated she will not attend and intends to mount a protest over this session.
This is the primary difference on your ballot in November… would you rather have a candidate who engages all participants in the  conversation? Including the U.S. Secretary of Education? I invite my opponent to join me at this session with Secretary DeVos.